Sunday, October 25, 2015

Will you sacrifice your farmland for a mansion (Third world economics)

The world population is approximately about  7.3 billion as of 2015 , with China leading by 1.3 billion, and India in second place by 1.2 billion. At this growth rate not only is domestic housing  now at a level of micro apartments, cars proportionally reduced in size, body sizes of height and weight drastically reduced, which are typical of the Chinese.

As the population of a nation grows, so does the need for food and housing grows.  Third world nations such as African nations should not follow the examples of the western world of converting their rich lands, that can grow crops into houses of rocks.
Farmlands do not cause the population of a place to grow, but rather the more buildings, apartments, and homes you build on your lands, attract foreign nations that are overpopulated to come and settle themselves in your countries, causing a rapid growth in your population.  This sets in motion the need for food, but with the farmlands being converted into homes, you are cutting down your food supply while your population grows.

Third world nations are not to follow the example of cities like New York City, Chicago, and some cities in the western world whose population grows by the minute.  Note that New York City, was not a farmland, neither was Chicago, Toronto, or any of these large cities in the western world ever farmlands. 

These areas I have mentioned could not grow a single  mango tree, or plantain, orange, cassava, or yams.  These areas are cold regions, with heavy snow falls per year, and most of it was swampland, that has been converted into cities.

This article is brief to the point;  African nations and other third world nations are to slow down their projects of converting villages with rich and fertile soil that can grow crops into cities.  It is better to have farms that can generate food for the people, than have buildings that are merely rocks, no matter how impressive they are built, they are still  and remain rocks that crumble into dust.  A mango tree, yam, cassava, plantain have a longer lasting value, than  a mansion.

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