Monday, November 7, 2016

Mysteries of cowry divination (Baracata Method of Cowry Divination)

The Baracata Method of Cowry divination is the most accurate form of divination method that exists as of today.  It allows an accurate means of communicating with spirits, angels, intelligences and beings that exist on the spiritual plain.  In this method of divination, you are asking questions as if you are talking to a real person, and the questions are phrased to get a YES or NO answer from the spirit.

The diagnosis of various illnesses that I have provided on my blog at: BARACATA.COM were obtained by me through the Baracata method of cowry, by questioning INTELLIGENCES.  The various causes of illnesses where given to me through cowry divination, by questioning Intelligences.

Many have asked me to explain the Baracata method of cowry divination invented by me Ken Nunoo (Baracata) about five years ago. In this method of divination you are talking to a specific spirit or intelligence, so while shuffling the shells you first have to call on the name of that SPIRIT. 

Example if you attempting to speak to  Initelligence Elohim, while shuffling the shells you first have to SAY : INTELLIGENCE ELOHIM ANSWER THE SHELLS.  You have to say this first step about three times, then cast the shells. 

When the shells fall: count the number of shells which have the same side up, which has the mouth side up.  Then repeat the same question again, then cast the shells again.  Then count the number of shells that fall with mouth side up again.  IF THE COUNT OF THE NUMBER OF SHELLS THAT FALL WITH MOUTH SIDE UP THE SECOND TIME IS GREATER THAN THAT OF THE FIRST TIME, THE ANSWER IS YES.  IF THE SECOND COUNT IS LESS THAN THE FIRST , THEN THE ANSWER IS NO.  IF THE SECOND AND THE FIRST ARE EXACTLY THE SAME, THEN REPEAT IT A THIRD TIME.

Once you get a yes answer from the spirit your next step is to TEST THE SPIRIT WITH A PASSWORD,  or CODE, that only that spirit will know to confirm the true identity of the spirit.  This step is always crucial, for often the wrong spirit may answer the shells.  In this test question, you must test the spirit with two questions that only that spirit will know.

Example: Intelligence Elohim is an intelligence of the Ocean (Sea Water).  So to confirm  its identity, you ask Elohim the the first wrong question such as:  Intelligence Elohim are you an Intelligence of Fire?  If Elohim answers Yes, then it is not Intelligence Elohim answering the shells.  However, if the intelligence Elohim answers No, then ask the second correct question; which is intelligence Elohim are you an Intelligence of Sea Water? If the answer comes back as Yes, then it is intelligence Elohim answering the shells.  Every spirit must be tested with a unique question that only that spirit will know the answer, before you proceed to accept answers from that spirit.  The spirit has to answer both questions correctly before you proceed with a dialogue with that spirit.

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