Thursday, November 10, 2016

Mysteries of Prophesies (Donald Trump, predicted to be President on April 7, 2016)

On April 7th, 2016, I wrote an article titled Who will becomethe next president of America? I  obtained this prediction through the BARACATA METHOD OF COWRY DIVINATION.  I was not the only one, that predicted or prophesied that Donald Trump will win the Election to become the 45th president of America, but by checking Youtube, you will find other spiritual sources that have claimed similar outcomes.

Of all the odds against Donald Trump, how could he have won an election, when the vast majority of voters were Democrats that favored Hilary Clinton?  Of all the spiritual sources, no one predicted Hilary Clinton to be the winner, yet almost all the spiritual sources pointed to Donald Trump as the potential winner.  That means there is a spiritual driving force in this election.

There are two major reasons why Donald Trump won: one of the reasons was connected to the past life of Donald Trump himself, for he has been a King in the Past, which automatically guarantees that we will always become a president in all his future lives.

The second reason why Donald Trump (Abraham Lincoln – Slave Trade Abolitionist) was set in motion was to: ABOLISH THE LEGAL MARRIAGE OF GAY COUPLES. When the democratic party legalized marriages between gay couples, this action violates the laws of creation, for it will also allow gay couples to adopt children, who will automatically become gay.  The legalization of gay marriage by the democratic party of the Obama government, set the forces of nature  in motion to remove them out of office.

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