Monday, January 2, 2017

Mysteries of Global Warming (Population Growth)

It is a known fact that the planet earth is getting warmer year by year, and this warming effect has alarmed scientists, and some are pointing the blame at some countries.  In this article, I will explain to you the real cause of the global warming effect, then you can decide if it is worth the effort to finance projects to attempt to curtail its effect.

To get straight to the point, I will say to you that global warming is a natural effect of nature and there is nothing that human beings can do about it.  To give you an analogy of its cause: Let us assume there is a very large room that can contain 5,000 people.  Now let us assume that the temperature in the room has been set to 50 degrees.  Now let us assume 4,000 people have been invited as guests to enter the room.  When the first few 100 people enter the room, they will normally complain that the room is too cold.

But as more and more people enter the room, beyond about 1,000 people each person  will notice that the temperature of the room is getting warmer above the 50 degrees.  After about 4000 people have entered the room, they will notice that the room temperature is well above the original 50 degrees.  The explanation of the cause is simply the effect of the body heat generated naturally by every living creature.  And often on the coldest day, when walking outside, you will see your breathe as vapor, as you exhale and speak.  THE BODY HEAT OF HUMAN BEIGNS AND LIVING CREATURES NATURALLY CAUSE GLOBAL WARMING. HENCE AS THE POPULATION OF THE PLANET GROWS, THE TEMPERATURE ON THE ENTIRE PLANET NATURALLY INCREASES.

Some may say it is the result of the exhaust of cars, burning of coal and fuel that is changing the weather.  I will assure you that no amount of pollution caused by human beings can permanently change the air.

Example, if all the nuclear bombs of Russia, America, China, and Korea are all launched at the same time.  All life on earth will end within six days, but by the seventh day the atmosphere and the air will return to normal.  You may ask how is it possible?  THE AIR, THE CLOUDS, THE OCEAN Are immortal and cannot permanently be changed by any means.  Observe that all the human waste goes into the ocean daily, for billions of years, but the SALTNESS OF THE SEA HAVE REMAINED THE SAME, BECAUSE THE OCEAN IS IMMORTAL.

Likewise human beings cannot permanently pollute the air, for it corrects itself within six days no natter how extreme it is just like the stable nature of  the Saltness of the sea. If a nuclear bomb were to be launched, human beings will die, but there are thousands of angels on earth daily that cannot be affected, because their angelic blood is immune to poison. Hence, during those six days period of pollution, all human beings will be dead, but angels by the thousands wearing human bodies will be alive right here on earth. REST ASSURED THAT GOD (THE CREATORS) ARE IN CONTROL.

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