Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Mysteries of Negative Matter (Invisibility)

Scientists have speculated the possibility of negative matter or negative mass?  Example an object with -3kg of mass. So far scientists have speculated this as theory, but no one has ever observed negative matter, since it will require a negative material substance to detect the presence of negative matter.  So does negative matter truly exist? 

To get straight to the point, I will answer that: NEGATIVE MATTER TRULY EXISTS.  Negative matter makes physical object invisible.  Negative matter, is matter of the third plain, and it exists between SPIRIT MATTER OF THE 2ND PLAIN, AND ENERGY MATTER WHICH IS MATTER OF THE 4TH PLAIN.  Example, an orange that is negative matter, will appear to be invisible to a human being and every living creature. An object that is negative matter has a body of air.

Scientists believe that matter cannot be created.  I will correct that theory by letting you know that MATTER CAN BE CREATED. It appears logically that matter cannot be created, that is assuming the entire universe as we see it is all there is. 

There are at least seven plains, each of which is made of different matter.   Physical matter cannot be created from physical matter, however ENERGY CAN BE CREATED FROM NEGATIVE MATTER, AND PHYSICAL MATTER CAN THEN BE CREATED FROM ENERGY MATTER. 

Negative matter is the basis of miracles.  For something to appear out of seemingly nothing, the source is a spirit that converts negative matter  version of that object into an  Energy matter of the same object and then into physical matter of that object.  Example,  when Moses struck the rock for water to appear out of the rock.  That miracle was done by a spirit wearing a body of Negative Matter Water, which became water as Energy Matter, then finally appeared as physical water. This miracle is creating matter out of seemingly nothing.

Our entire universe first existed as negative matter, which was combined into itself and become a universe of Energy, which was then combined three times to appear as physical matter on the 7th plain.  All physical matter exists as energy matter, it also exists as negative matter, and it also exists as spirit matter.  The negative matter of every atom exists;  hence there is Spirit Hydrogen, negative matter of  Hydrogen,  Energy of Hydrogen, Angelic Hydrogen atoms, and physical Hydrogen atoms, as we know it.  All these exists within each single atom. 

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