Monday, January 23, 2017

Will the population of Earth grow beyond 9 billion?

The present world population is about 7.5 billion.  The population growth rate as of 2017 was 1.11 % a decrease from 1.13% in 2016.  Even at a growth rate of 1% the total population is still increasing. So is it possible for the population to grow beyond 8 billion into 9 billion?

Even though the present population seems to be extremely large,  its growth rate has reached its peak at the magic number of seven billion.  The number seven is the highest level nature can reach in any category, and beyond that number it automatically reverses itself to the beginning. 

The universe was not only created in seven days, but this number is the highest level of plains that can exist.  The human population will not, and cannot grow beyond 8 billion into 9 billion due to the number of men that are becoming gay every day.  One may wonder, how gay men play a major factor in the growth of the population of a country.  

I will explain to you how gay men are the main force behind the decline in population in growth. The entire male population on earth decreases daily each time one man becomes gay and eventually dies.  The population of earth will most likely remain a steady range at 7.5 to 8 billion, but not beyond this number.  The reason why the population is declining is, GAY MEN DO NOT RE-INCARNATE AFTER DEATH, HENCE THE NUMBER OF MALE CHILDREN THAT ARE BEING BORN IS DECLINING YEAR AFTER YEAR.

Let us assume that there are 10 million gay men as of 2017.  Let us assume that the average lifespan of this gay population is 50 years. That means by 2067 the total population of earth will decrease by 50 million men and would increase by approximately 50 million women.  Therefore, the population may seem to average the same, but the number of men on the planet are decreasing daily, as more and more men become gay.

It is even possible that America, which has the largest gay population on earth, will at some point have less than one million men, in their entire country some time in the future earth.  There will come a time , when the ratio of women to men will be about 300 to 1.  Women, can sit back and relax for eventually, women will inherit the earth. All thanks to the souls of gay men, that do not re-incarnate.

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