Tuesday, September 10, 2019

The Amazon(Brazil) is on fire(Why?), Hurricanes in Florida(Why)

Recently miles of forest in the rainforest in the Amazon have burned down.  Hurricanes almost every year blow down towns in Florida. The Amazon is on fire,(why is it on fire).  This is the question I asked Cosmic Elohim Yahweh in the cowrey shells, if the God knows something about the recent fires in the Amazon. 

I did not go into details to ask why the amazon is burning, but Yahweh informed me that the fires in the Amazon are not natural causes, but rather a wide area of where the fires started are being cleared of human beings.  Yahweh explained that human beings, are to move away at least four miles from where the fires started.  I did not go in depth as to the reason why, but the instructions was that human beings are not to live within four miles of those areas.  The Amazon forest is being burned down, in order to preserve the forest. The intent is to prevent human beings from multiplying in that region, which could result in the place becoming a town, which will permanently destroy the forest.  The trees that have been burned down, will all grow back within a few years.

I moved on to the next question regarding the constant hurricanes that pass through Florida almost yearly.  The answer from Yahweh is: CHILDREN ARE BEING BURIED ALIVE IN THE GROUNDS OF FLORIDA. For the people in Brazil, the message is you are not to live within four miles of where the fires have burned down the trees(meaning the forests are to left alone), and for the people in Florida, stop burrying children alive in the grounds in Florida.

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