Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Mysteries of Comets

We have from time to time seen what we call a comet flying through our solar system often followed by a long tail of light.  The one most talked about is Halley’s Comet which said to come around once every 75 years.

I recently asked Cosmic Elohim Berashith (God of Spirits of Spirits), what these bodies of light are, and specifically about Halley’s comet which is seen every 75 years.  Berashith explained that comets are: INTELLIGENT BEINGS AND THE LIFE SOURCE OF FRUITS ON EARTH.  In a previous article, I explained that the Stars are the: INTELLIGENT LIFE SOURCE OF HUMAN BEINGS, ANIMALS, AND EVERYTHING IN NATURE ON EARTH.

Berashith explained that comets unlike the stars are always in motion and it takes several years for a  comet to travel from its position near the stars and pass through our solar system. I asked Berashith about Halley’s Comet.  Berashith explained that Halley’s comet that appears once every 75 years is THE LIFE SOURCE OF THE COCONUT FRUIT ONE EARTH.  

That means there are as many comets as there unique fruits on earth.  There is therefore a comet for grapes, oranges, coconut, lemon, mango, and every form of fruit on earth.  The number of comets in existence is the sum total of every variety of fruit on earth.  Berashith explained that it takes approximately 84 years for the comet of the mango fruit to appear in our solar system.

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