Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Is the Transvestite, gay man, a man or woman?

I write this article to educate all of humanity in general, not to bash or condemn the transvestites or gay men, but rather to enlighten those men that choose to become gay , and how straight men are transformed to become gay men.

First of all, I will inform you that no man is born gay, neither are men born with the tendency to become women.  To explain this, let us first look at the general composition of a living creature, whether man or animal.  Human beings, and all living creatures consists of three main types of bodies fused into one. They have a: PHYSICAL BODY, CONSCIOUSNESS, and INTELLIGENCE.

If we were to compare these three parts of the bodies to that of a car, the body of the car is the Physical body, the engine is the Intelligence, and the driver behind the steering wheel is the consciousness.  Hence in living creatures the TYPE OF CONSCIOUSNESS  a creature has is the actual identity of the person with regards to whether the creature is male or female and type of creature.

A monkey has the consciousness of a monkey, dogs have the consciousness of a dog, human beings have the consciousness of a human being.  A man has a male consciousness and a female has a female consciousness. Hence, even if you change the entire physical appearance of a man into that of female, that person still has the consciousness of a man. Transvestites that have changed their organs into that of a vagina still have a male consciousness, with a modified outward male body that gives them the appearance of women. Hence, Transvestites in general are men.

If men are not being born gay, then how are so many men becoming gay?  The general answer to this question is, it is gay men that transforms straight men to become gay through a method of subliminal messages through the human eyes and touch.

I will explain the basic steps of how a gay man transforms a straight man to become gay.  Step 1. The intelligence of the male species of every creature is genetically programmed to like their female counterpart, hence a male child is naturally born to like women as he grows.  Step 2.  For the gay man to transform a straight man to become gay, he often sits, walks, or stands in front of the straight man he is attempting to transform to become gay. He will repeatedly, position himself in such a way that the eyes of the straight man he is attempting to transform will often see him.
Step 3. When the gay men is in front of the straight man, he then starts acting like he is a female, through his hand movements, body movements, the way he sits, holds things, sound like a female, all mimicking that of  a female.
Step 4. The gay man deliberately does all these for the straight man to see him, and as the straight man keeps looking at this gay man, he will begin to notice a female in the man.
Step 5. Keep in mind that men are genetically programmed to like women, so when the man begins to see a woman in the gay man, his genetic program is activated and soon starts liking and desiring the gay men, because he starts seeing him as a woman. From that point on, the straight man is then convinced at some point to touch the gay man, and his mind fools him to be touching woman. Thereafter intimacy occurs and the straight man becomes gay.  What I have just explained is the simple way of how many straight men are transformed to become gay, by other gay men  So many men that think they only like women, and can never become gay have been transformed to become gay, due to the very fact that they are genetically programmed to like women.

If you observe gay men, and transvestites, they act like women to seduce straight men who naturally like women.   This method of subliminal messages is often used by advertisers to sell products through commercials and often succeed in selling products that one had no intention of buying in the first place.

As I have previously mentioned, a man is always a man at the level of their consciousness, hence the total person of a man cannot be changed into that of woman, no matter what is done to the physical body, Hence, since a male always remains  a man, by fooling the mind of a straight man to see a woman in a man, they start liking men, who appear to be women to them.

Now that I have explained the scientific part, I will point out the spiritual consequences and reaction of the spirits of God to the transvestites and gay men. This is the warning label that I will put on the gay lifestyle, so know the consequences before you practice it.

The warning label is: WHEN A MAN ENGAGES IN A SEXUAL ACTIVITY WITH ANOTHER MAN, A SPIRIT OF GOD TRANSFORMS THE CONSCIOUSNESS OF SUCH MEN INTO THAT OF A FEMALE MONKEY.  I have previously stated that, the type of consciousness that a creature has determines who they really are. Hence the majority of the gay men and transvestites that are presently around, have  the consciousness of a female monkey, making them human monkeys.

How can a gay man know if their consciousness have been transformed into that of a female monkey?  The main sign is: the gay man whose consciousness has be transformed into that of a female monkey cannot get an erection from his penis, because his consciousness is that of a female monkey that has no penis.  So for those of you that choose to live a gay lifestyle, you must know that at some point you may be transformed into a human female monkey.

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