Saturday, June 18, 2016

Mysteries of the female body (Twins)

The birth of twins, triplets, quadruplets, quintuplets, etc, are mystery, and science have attempted to explain it in various ways.  None of the explanations of science, are the real cause of the birth of twins, and multiple children at the same time.

TWINS ARE THE RESULT OF THE RE-INCARNATING INTELLIGENCE OF A WOMAN, WHO CONCEIVED A CHILD, THROUGH THE SUPERNATURAL MEANS OF A NATIVE DOCTOR IN AFRICA.  The birth of the twins, triplets, or quadruplets etc, has nothing to do with the physiology or family history of the woman, but rather, it is originating from a woman who during her life, may be barren and consulted an African Native doctor to get pregnant.

The human body has three main body types: (INTELLIGENCE, CONCIOUSNESS, PHYSICAL BODY).  In the intelligence is stored your skills, including a history of children you had in this life.  Your Consciousness allows you to experience things through the five senses of: SIGHT, TOUCH, TASTE, HEARING, SMELL.  The physical body is the vehicle through which both the Intelligence and Consciousness express themselves.  At the time of death, your consciousness is like gas that evaporates into the air, but the intelligence is immortal, and it automatically enters the body of another child that is between eleven and twelve years, integrating itself with the intelligence of the child, and makes use of the new body and consciousness of the child.

I will refer to the child intelligence as the HOST INTELLIGENCE, and the intelligence of the person that died as the RE-INCARNATING INTELLIGENCE. If woman who is barren or desires to have additional children consults a native doctor in Africa, I specifically state an African Native doctor, because they are the only ones that have the ability to cause a barren woman to conceive a child. 

IF A WOMAN CONCIEVES A CHILD THROUGH A NATIVE DOCTOR, EACH ONE CHILD SHE CONCIEVES THROUGH THE NATIVE DOCTOR, WILL AUTOMATICALLY BECOME TWINS IN HER NEXT LIFE.  Example, if she was barren and conceives one child through the native doctor, she will have twins through whoever inherits her intelligence.  If she conceives two children through a native doctor, after she dies, whatever female inherits her intelligence will have quadruplets.  If she conceives three children through a native doctor, after she dies, when her intelligence enters a new body, she will bear sextuplets in her new body

TWINS ARE NOT OUR DAILY REGULAR CHILDREN, BUT RATHER THEY ARE THE CHILDREN OF A SPIRIT INTELLIGENCE, GRANTED TO A WOMAN WHO CONSULTED A NATIVE DOCTOR IN HER PAST LIFE.  Hence women that give birth to twins are often the re-incarnation of an African woman that has been reborn, for the ability to acquire twins are often granted by native doctors only in Africa.

When a woman gives birth to twins or quadruplets or sextuplets, she will  always in her future lives give birth to the same twins indefinitely.  In a twin family, the mother and children are always the same people that have re-incarnated.  Whereas, in normal human beings, the mother and child are random, and often not the same combination..

When a twin child dies, the intelligence of the twin child automatically re-enters the body of the mother, regardless of where she is or how old she is.  Hence, all the twin children of a twin mother have to first die, before their mother can give birth to them again in the next life.  A twin family are permanently united as mother and children, in all their future lives.

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