Monday, June 27, 2016

Mysteries of the Lizard (Zika Virus)

We have recently heard reports of a new virus known as the Zika virus that is affecting thousands of people in most tropical areas such as Puerto Rico, Brazil, etc.  This virus is said to be the cause of pregnant women giving birth to children with abnormally small heads.  It has been reported that the zika virus is caused by the bite of a mosquito.  I will elaborate on the real cause of this zika virus.

The Zika virus is truly indeed transmitted by mosquitoes as the agent and carrier of the virus, but mosquitoes are not the source of the virus.   THE SOURCE OF THE ZIKA VIRUS ARE FROM THE WASTE OF LIZARDS, WHICH ANY MOSQUITOE MAY EAT BY ACCIDENT.  THE ZIKA VIRUS IS A DEFENSIVE VIRUS OF LIZARDS.

In tropical areas there are lizards all over the place, climbing the walls of buildings, trees, crawling around the grounds.  There are also an abundance of mosquitoes in the tropical areas, such as in Puerto Rico, Brazil, Africa, Florida, and in all the islands and warm climate areas.  These two creatures often cross each others path, and if by some means a mosquito eats the waste of a lizard, that mosquito automatically becomes a carrier of the Zika virus.

The real source of the zika virus are the wastes of the lizards, so basically clean up after your lizards, the same way Americans clean up after their dogs, and the zika virus will go along with it.  It is easier to clean up the waste of lizards, since mosquitoes are more difficult to contain in tropical areas.

The small head of the children born through women who had contracted the Zika virus is due to the fact that the head is taking the shape of that of a lizard, whose head is abnormally small compared to that of the rest of the body.  The hair of such children will hardly grow, and easily fall off their skin as they grow older, because lizards hardly grow hair.  Parts of the body of such children become a combination of a human being and that of a lizard.

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