Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Mysteries of the Owl (Ebola Virus)

The Ebola virus is a deadly virus that has killed many, and anyone that gets this virus without an immediate treatment often dies.  The virus spreads from person to person, if anyone comes into contact with the waste of someone that has contracted the virus.  So what is the source of this deadly virus?

THE EBOLA VIRUS IS A DEFENSIVE VIRUS OF THE OWL, AND ANYONE THAT EATS AN OWL BY ANY MEANS WIILL CONTRACT THE EBOLA VIRUS.  Once they contract the virus, it then spreads from person to person, if anyone comes into contact with the waste of a person that has the virus.

Although the Owl is harmless as a bird, treat it with care as if you are handling the poison of a snake.  The Ebola Virus is not in the waste of the owl, but rather it is in the very meat and body of the owl itself.  Once a human being eats an owl, it may be your last meal, so keep the owl off your hunting menu.

The owl has the largest eyes than any creature that exists.  The owl can see well in the dark, like it is broad daylight in the morning.  Owls sees well in pitch darkness, the same way human beings see things in broad daylight.  The owl can change the colors of its eyes to blue, green, yellow, brown, black or to any color it wants. The owl only eats the bark of trees.

As innocent and beautiful as the owl looks, it is the most deadliest creature that exists.  If a cobra were to eat an owl, it will not live past seven days.  Any living creature that eats an owl, regardless of their size, usually may not live past seven days.  The Ebola virus within the owl, kills that creature.

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