Saturday, June 25, 2016

Mysteries of the male body (Gay Virus)

It has become well known to scientists that most gay men at some point in time acquire the HIV virus, but the real question is what is the source of this virus? Is it originating through anal sex between a man and a man or is there more to it than scientists can explain?  

For us to understand the source and cause of this HIV virus that has been killing thousands of people especially among gay men, I will get straight to the point that there is another virus which I will call THE GAY VIRUS, that starts the whole process in motion.

THE GAY VIRUS IS THE INTELLIGENCE OF A MONKEY THAT COMBINES ITSELF WITH THE INTELLIGENCE OF A HUMAN BEING WHEN IT DETECTS THE PRESENCE OF A MALE SPERM MIXED WITH FECES IN THE ANAL RECTUM OF A MAN.  When a man ejaculates his sperm into the anal rectum of another man, the sperm that mixes with the feces, attracts the invisible intelligence of a monkey that combines itself with the intelligence of the man. The invisible intelligence of the monkey is a SPIRIT. This step is the first step in the series of steps leading to the formation of the HIV in gay men in general.

Note that I said that it is the intelligence of a monkey that combines itself with the intelligence of a normal human, and the result of this fusion, after about two and a half years gradually changes the blood of that man into that of the blood of a monkey.

The HIV virus itself is a defensive virus that has been built into the blood of monkeys, but they cannot be detected and are harmless to the monkey.  If the blood of most gay men, who have been gay for more than two years are tested, and compared to that of a monkey, scientists will notice that their blood are similar to that of monkeys.

When the blood of the gay men, transforms into that of the monkey, the HIV virus that is latent in the blood of the monkeys becomes active in the blood of the man. As a result anyone that engages in a sexual intercourse with such a gay man whose blood has been changed into that of monkey, without proper protection, also acquires the HIV virus.

The whole process is first set in motion through the presence of male sperms, having mixed with feces in the anal rectum of a man. Hence, any  man that engages in unprotected sex with another man, will always end up having the HIV,  not necessarily because they contracted it from someone else, but because their blood has changed into that of the blood of a monkey. THE BLOOD OF GAY MEN, ARE NOT COMPATIBLE WITH THE BLOOD OF HUMAN BEINGS.

As a result, upon the death of a gay man, their intelligence enters the body of a monkey automatically, because their intelligence was already combined with the intelligence of a monkey when they first engaged in sex with another man.

Gay men are not capable of impregnating women, because their blood is not compatible with that of human beings. The same way a monkey is not capable of impregnating a woman, because their blood is  not compatible with that of human beings.  There is a unique defensive virus in the blood of each unique species that makes their blood incompatible and prevents them from reproducing.  There is a unique defensive virus in the blood of a dog, monkey, goat, elephant, and all the animals, that prevents them from reproducing with one another.  These defensive viruses cannot be scientifically detected.

There is a difference between the GAY VIRUS, and HIV virus.  The Gay Virus only affects men that engage in anal intercourse without protection, which leads to their blood being changed by the gay virus into that of a monkey blood.  The HIV virus can affect both men and women if they engage in intercourse without protection someone that has the HIV virus, but it does not change their blood into that of monkey blood. If a gay man attempts to impregnate a woman, that woman will end up with an HIV virus but will not conceive a child.  A straight man with HIV virus can impregnate a woman, because they do not have monkey blood, whereas gay men cannot impregnate women, because they have monkey blood,  through the gay virus.  The reason is, the gay virus is not present in the blood of the straight men, even if they have HIV, but it is present in the blood of gay men because of their means of sex through the anal rectum.

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