Thursday, February 23, 2017

How demon holy ghosts spread in churches

My definition of a demon, is a human soul that was sacrificed in a ritual and whose blood was combined with the ashes of the body part of an animal, such as the skin of a snake.  One may wonder what part the animal plays, when its body part is combined with the blood of a human being.  Within the skin of most animals such as a snake, there is defensive virus in it, that is invisible to the eye, and can survive under any circumstances, even within its ashes.  When its ashes are combined into a living host, that virus awakens, and combines with the blood cells of the host, in an attempt to replicate that entire living organism.

As the animal part replicates itself, in the blood of the human being, contains the intelligence(soul essence of that person, including the personality traits of the person. Hence, the two combined becomes the intelligence of a human with the skin of a snake (demon), within each blood cell of the person, that drank the potion.

Therefore, the demon blood cell is similar to an HIV virus, but cannot be detected by any scientific means.  The only assured way of testing the demon blood cell within a person, or in any liquid substance is to say the word JEHOVAH, over the liquid. Now, if the liquid contains demon blood, you will notice an usual movement of the liquid within the container, and if it is a human being possessed, the demon within them will awaken, and can be commanded to speak and identify itself.

Now in most evangelical churches the demon blood cells are being transmitted in two main ways.  The master of the source is usually the pastor.  That is if you have noticed people being possessed by the so called holy ghost in that church and the pastor claims to prophesy.  For often such pastors obtained their power through a native doctor that prepares the juju or voodoo charm for them that possess people.

The pastor initiates some of the female members with his sperm, by seducing then to give  him oral sex.  Often when people visit a pastor for a counseling section, they are left alone with the pastor one on one, and it is during this private sections, that when that female kneels before the pastor in a prayerful position, he then inserts his private parts into their mouth.  When he ejaculates into their mouth, his sperm containing the demon blood cells becomes a part of that female, and from then on she will be possessed by the holy ghost, and other demons.

Once the pastor infects a few women in the church with his sperm, the effect is similar to having given them an HIV, which can then be transmitted to other people through their  menstrual blood or sex. They are then taught to wash off the blood from their menstrual period, and preserve them in small jars, which they add to a juice  or wine that they give to men or anyone they want the holy ghost to take over.

Another common means at these type of evangelical churches is a form of yellowish drink, that they give to new members of the church, telling them it is ordinary water.  These drinks are contaminated with the blood of the menstrual period of those women the pastor initiated.  Hence, the virus is transmitted through that water on a large scale, hence during their services you will notice several people being possessed by demons or the so called holy ghost.

My advice to doctors that perform blood transfusions is to test a sample of the blood donated with the word JEHOVAH, before giving it to a patient.  If the patient blood contains demon blood cells you will notice an unusual behavior of the blood cells. My advice to the general public is, if you attend a church where you notice the presence of this so called holy ghost, do not drink any liquid offered to you by the pastor or members of that church. 

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