Friday, February 3, 2017

How do people become possessed by demons?

A demon as I have previously explained are either the souls (intelligence) of someone that died by suicide or they are the souls of people that were sacrificed in a ritual and their blood combined with the parts of an animal.  Therefore, the demon is the soul of a human being that cannot re-incarnate, due to the fact that they died by suicide or ritual sacrifice.

The powerful demons out there were the ones,  when a human being was sacrificed in a ritual and the blood is combined with the ashes of a snake, or tiger, or lion..  This combination forms a demon soul, that has the skin of a snake or tiger or lion, depending on what animal was used in the ritual.

For a demon to possess someone for the first time, the blood or sperm of someone that has once been possessed by a demon has to enter their body.  Example, if a person who gets possessed by a holy ghost in a church were to add some of their blood to any juice and a person drinks, Anyone that drinks that juice from then on will be possessed by demons.  All those that drunk that juice wherever they go, if there is a so called holy ghost in the place, they will be possessed.

The other common means is through sexual intercourse with someone that has once been possessed by a demon. The sperm of  a human being is a blood cell, so if a person engages in unprotected sexual intercourse with someone who has been possessed by a demon, that person will automatically be possessed in the future by all kinds of demons.

Now it takes a stronger demon to cast out a weaker demon.  The philosophy here is: iron cuts iron.  For a person to cast out a demon, that person himself must have a stronger demon.  This is where the different animals used in the ritual comes in.  For the stronger animals will overpower the weaker animals.

Everyone that you see that gets possessed by a hoy ghost in a church have demon blood in them, and any sexual intercourse with any one of them will cause that person to acquire demon blood. Once a person is possessed by a demon, it is permanent and can only be replaced by another demon.

Beware that being possessed by a holy ghost does not make a person a saint or an angel. The reason is, a holy ghost is not a spirit of God, but rather it is a human soul.  Demons are not spirits, they are human souls.  Hence, even though one believes they have been born again by a holy ghost, they are still human, subject to all the diseases of any human being, and they will die and re-incarnate like any normal human being.  People that are transformed into angels, have a blood type of angels, which makes them immune to diseases.  These are eventually transported to heaven by a spirit.

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