Thursday, February 2, 2017

What are demons?

I have often stated that Lucifer as a king of hell does not exist.  So if Lucifer does not exist, what are demons?  I will first elaborate that there no spirits that are evil spirits, for  a spirit is like the wind without a body.  There are no angels that are demons, because angels are created by spirits, and have bodies just like human beings. Angels do not die, hence their souls cannot become demons.

If angels cannot be demons and spirits cannot be demons, then one may ask, what are demons.
A DEMON IS THE SOUL(INTELLIGENCE) OF A HUMAN BEING THAT EITHER DIED BY SUICIDE OR WAS SACRIFICED IN A RITUAL. Hence without a body it constantly attempts to possess humans beings to make use of their body.  The most common demons are human beings that were sacrificed in a ritual and whose blood was combined with the parts of an animal.

An angel or a spirit cannot enter and take possession of the human body, however since demons are the souls of human beings, they are capable of taking possession of the bodies of human beings.  In general any force or entity that is capable of taking possession of a human being is a demon.  Only demons can possess human beings, for they exist as souls without bodies, and are constantly making the attempt to possess the body of human beings to make use of it.

The most common demon, around that I nicknamed JUJU DEMON JESUS, is the so called holy ghost of some of the churches. That entity possess people, causing their bodies to shake, fall, tremble.  It takes over their minds, and they lose their identity. That demon is obtained by some pastors from native doctors that they use in their churches.

Demons do not dwell in hell for there is no hell. However, demons dwell in the human bodies right here on earth.

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