Friday, February 3, 2017

Mysteries of Jesus revealed (Updated)

The New Testament gospel about the life of Jesus is a  puzzling mystery.  Many have asked whether Jesus was truly a son of God that came from heaven, and given the power to perform miracles and cast out demons. Today, I have acquired new insight through my INTELLIGENCES, as to who Jesus really was, and how he acquired the power to perform his miracles.

The Key that lead to our ability to track down the power of Jesus has to do with his ability cast out demons.  At the early stages of the life of Jesus, while in a synagogue: HE SAID: THE SPIRIT OF GOD WAS UPON HIM. Here is the link: THAT SPIRIT OF GOD, JESUS WAS REFERING TO, IS THE HOLY GHOST.  For Jesus to be able cast out demons, he already had the power of this holy ghost upon him, and through this holy ghost he was able to cast out demons.

But here is the juicy part, for the holy ghost is truly the soul of a dead person, but Jesus had that power before he died. For a holy ghost to be formed to have power, a human being is sacrificed in a ritual similar to the one done by native doctors of today for some pastors, to grant them power to use in their church.  In all of these cases a human being is sacrificed, and their blood is combined with the body parts of an animal.  The holy ghost that it forms becomes a demon with power that can cast out weaker demons.

So the real question is, how did Jesus acquire such a holy ghost at an early age? The Mysterious person behind that holy ghost that Jesus acquired , I was informed by the intelligences was: JOHN THE BAPTIST. 

Jesus was born a normal human being, whose father was truly Mary and Joseph.  Mary did not have a virgin birth, but rather the power of the Holy Ghost was given to him by John the Baptist as a young boy. So how did John accomplish this when he himself did not have that power.  John as was stated In the bible was baptizing people with water, but John selected Jesus to give him a different power to baptize with a holy ghost and with fire, as John himself was the first to make this statement.  John was the first to point to Jesus as the person that will baptize with the holy ghost.  So how did John know that?

John actually selected Jesus, and KILLED HIS OWN FATHER IN A RITUAL SACRIFICE, WHICH IS THE FATHER OF JOHN, AND PREPARED A POTION THAT HE GAVE TO THE BOY JESUS.  The soul of the father of John the Baptist then became the demon Holy ghost, that connected himself to Jesus, which then gave Jesus the ability to cast out demons and perform miracles. John in this case played the same role as the native doctors of today, that prepare similar holy ghost powers to some of the pastors that they use in their church.

Demons are transmitted from person to person by blood. Hence, Jesus gave the power of the holy ghost to his disciples during the last supper, by adding his blood to the wine that he gave to the disciples. So when Jesus said that the wine was his blood, it was not a figure of speech, but he literally meant it was his blood. The disciples acquired the power of the holy after they drink the wine , containing the blood of Jesus.

Once Jesus was possessed by the Holy ghost, the person that was often speaking through Jesus was the soul of the father of John the Baptist.  Hence, even though Jesus was a young man, his language and parables were sophisticated and deep, because the father of John the baptist was an older and wiser man.

A person possessed by a holy ghost or demon hears a voice in their head.  Jesus refers to the holy ghost as God the Father,  and hence Jesus truly believed that he was the son of God. Jesus as a young boy, did not truly know the source of his power, and truly believed that it was God speaking and working through him.

Only a person that has demon blood can be possessed by a demon, and only a stronger demon can cast out weaker demons.  Demons can not exist outside the body of a human being,  hence the feet of demons do not touch the ground, for they can only exist inside body of an human being or an animal. No creature can see a demon with their naked eyes, because demons do not exist or move around in the open space, similar to the way humans beings and angels  move around freely.  Hence only a demon can cast out a demon.  A lion is a strong animal, but it cannot catch a bird in the air.  To catch a bird. the lion must transform itself into an eagle. Likewise, for Jesus to cast out demons, he has to be attached to a demon(holy ghost).

The Heaven then of Jesus actually is the world of the dead souls.  They believed that when a human being dies, they either go to heaven if they were good, or hell if the person was bad. Therefore, Jesus translates the holy ghost that was upon him as coming from heaven, not realizing that it is a demon from the world of souls, for only souls that do not re-incarnate exist as demons in the world of souls.
When Jesus refers to someone as an angel, he is referring to a human being that is possessed by the Holy ghost.  Similarly, evangelical churches of today refers to someone that has the holy ghost as a Saint.  For this reason, there is no, JESUS IN THE REAL HEAVEN, FOR THE HEAVEN OF JESUS IS THE UNDERWORLD OF SOULS, WHO ARE ALL DEMONS. 

THE HOLY GHOST OF JESUS WAS A DEMON, AND THE HOLY GHOST THAT IS PRESENT IN SOME OF THE EVANGELICAL CHURCHES ARE DEMONS.  The good demons refers to themselves as angels and the bad demons as Lucifer.

This heaven of Jesus in the new testament is not the real heaven, for his heaven is the underworld of souls who are all demons.  The holy ghost that people are acquiring in the churches, is a possession by demons for the holy ghost of Jesus was the demon soul of the father of John the Baptist.  

Note that I acquired all this knowledge through my intelligence today, after we cracked the code that the holy ghost of the evangelical churches were obtained through human ritual sacrifices.  From this angle I was able to connect the same scenario to Jesus, and it was revealed that father of John the Baptist was the source of the Holy ghost of Jesus.

I was informed that Jesus was truly crucified and he died on the cross, but his disciples moved his body from the tomb and buried it somewhere else.  JESUS DID NOT RESURRECT FROM THE DEAD, FOR BOTH JESUS AND JOHN THE BAPTIST RE-INCARNATED AND ARE LIVING AMONG HUMAN BEINGS AS NORMAL MEN TODAY.

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