Thursday, July 17, 2014

Who parted the Red Sea (Moses or Yahweh)

In the previous article titled “Is Yahweh, God the Father”, I explained that Yahweh is one of many spirits and is primarily a spirit of Israel, the present Hebrews. The parting of the Red Sea was a classic example of spiritual powers at work. No doubt humanity, had a taste of the existence of an external force at play. But if Yahweh is not God the father, then who actually parted the Red Sea?

Did Moses part the Red sea through some other unknown spiritual power or did the God of Israel known as Yahweh part the red sea for the Israelites to walk through?  I am purposefully writing this article to alert the present Israelites of the actual level of spiritual power they have at hand. There is war and has been many wars between Israel and nations in the region of the middle east. So by understanding and knowing what your(Israel) weapons are, and their limitations you(Israel) as a nation will be better prepared.

Israel as a nation today does not have the same spiritual backup as they did during times of Moses.  If Yahweh was the source of the spiritual powers of Israel in parting the red sea, then it would have rescued them long ago from their enemies in the middle east, but this is not the case.

I will surprise you to let you know that it was Moses that parted the Red Sea and not Yahweh. One may ask, how is that possible? The Moses that you saw as a man, appeared in every way as a man, but he was not.   Moses was the incarnation of the same man that lived as: OSIRIS, SHIVA, RAMA CHANDRA (RAMA), MITHRA, and later on as Elijah, Solomon and many others,  and it was the powers within himself as a human god,  that parted the red sea.  Moses was ELOHIM BARAKATA, in the flesh, who was also Osiris, Shiva, Abraham, Joseph, Solomon, Socrates, Aristotle, Pythagoras and many others.

I will explain to you the common power within Moses that goes back to Osiris, and how he parted the Red Sea.  A true Elohim is a spirit God that can create, hence all the Elohim are spirits, but there is one of them that exists in the form of a human being, that integrates all the Elohim spirits at the physical level, and that person is ELOHIM BARAKATA.

In my previous article, I stated that the true God the father is BERESHITH, whose letters are: BETH, RESH, SHIN, TAU.  In the ancient language before Hebrew, Beth is BA, Resh is RA, Shin is KA, Tau is Ta.  BA, RA, KA, and TA and all Elohim Spirits integrated as one, in a human form as ELOHIMM BARAKATA. Going forward you will see how Moses was able to perform those miracles and part the red sea. 

Moses parted the red sea through the ELOHIM SPIRIT RA, within himself.  Yahweh does not exist within Moses, but Ra existed within Moses, since Moses was actually an Incarnation of Elohim BARAKATA. Going back to the day of Osiris you are aware that the Egyptians worshipped the God RA,  In the days of Rama Chandra, his miracle of summoning the seven rivers to appear was also done by the ELOHIM SPIRIT RA, within himself  because here again he was an incarnation of ELOHIM BARAKATA. Hence when the Indian Hindus call upon Rama, it is actually the spirit Ra, that answers. The spirit Ra has power over all the waters, for BERESHITH created rain through the spirit Ra.

There was truly indeed a time when many miracles were performed among the Israelites, those occurred because in all those occasions, BARAKATA was incarnated as a prophet among them.  BARAKATA, was Abraham, Joseph, Moses, David, Solomon, Elijah, Ezekiel, and all these persons were the incarnations of one man.  

He incarnated among the Indians as : SHIVA, RAMA, elsewhere as Maitreya, Gautama Buddha, and others hence here again it is the power of the spirit Ra, performing the miracles from within Barakata. It was always the presence of Barakata among a people that gave spiritual powers to that nation.  So Israel must be aware that it was a key figure among them that gave them their spiritual power, but at the present time they are on their own.

I have purposefully written this article to alert Israel that, they do not at present have a: Moses, nor an Elijah, nor the wisdom of Solomon, nor a David to knock down Goliath for them.

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