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Did Osiris or Moses die? (The Powers of Seven)

 In a previous article, I mentioned that the so called ascended masters do not individually exist, but rather they are the lives of one man, beginning from Osiris. Now I will explain to you how Osiris became Moses, through what I call the POWERS OF SEVEN.

There are seven plains of existence that occupy the same space, seven different type of matter within every physical matter that occupy the same space, seven different types of beings that can exist within every living being.  Hence there are seven different types of sand, within a single grain of sand, seven different types of oranges within a single orange, seven different universes within a single universe.

Even though there are seven types of beings or seven different types of matter within every physical matter, the six levels of matter within the seven, exist in a passive state and hence inactive.  In the same way within every living being, seven different types of beings can be created and exist simultaneously but only three beings are active within a human being.

Example, if you were to place an orange on a table,  a being from the sixth plain can pick up the exact same orange in their hand, and in their hand will appear the sixth plain version of the orange, while the orange which is a seventh plain object remains on the table. A being from the fifth plain, can then come and also pick up the exact same orange, and will be holding the fifth plain version of the exact same orange in their hand, while the physical orange still remains on the table. It is on these basis that offerings made to spiritual beings work. The fruits and food that are offered to them, if it is a genuine spiritual being, is often picked up by a being from their plain, while the original fruits remain on the table and can be consumed by a human being.

There are seven plains of existence in the same physical space, human beings and all physical matter exist on the seventh plain.  A human being consists of three types of beings : an INTELLIGENCE, CONSCIOUSNESS, and a PHYSICAL BODY, all three of these are fused into one, and each of these exists on a different plain within the same physical space of the body.

Angels and persons with angelic type bodies have four different bodies in one body:  an INTELLIGENCE, CONSCIOUSNESS, INNER BODY, and OUTER BODY.  Angels have two distinct types of bodies which are an INNER BODY, and a PHYSICAL OUTER BODY.  The inner body of an angel is an invisible body of light, whereas the outer body looks like any normal human being.  The inner body of an angel dwells on the sixth plain, which is invisible to those that dwell on the seventh plain.  The beings on the fifth plain are invisible to the beings on the sixth plain, the beings on the fourth plain are invisible to the beings on the fifth plain. The beings on the third plain are invisible to the beings on the fourth plain, the beings on the second plain are invisible to the beings on the third plain, and the beings on the first plain are invisible to the beings on the second plain.

Hence an angel is able to walk around on earth in their sixth plain bodies, sit in the same room, and walk on the streets in their inner body, which dwells on the sixth plain and be invisible to human beings, then at some point they can cloak themselves with a human flesh body and become visible to human beings.  The bodies from the sixth plain to the first plain are all immortal bodies and cannot and do not die.

Hence an angel wearing a human body, if shot or killed point blank remains alive, because their inner bodies are immortal.

Having established this basis of inner bodies of angels, Osiris was beyond that of an angel for he was the ELOHIM BARAKATA, in  the body of a human being.  An ELOHIM in the form of a human being has seven active bodies, hence whereas an angel has four active bodies, a human being has three active bodies.  The ELOHIM BARAKATA is the only human type Elohim in existence, the rest of the Elohim are all spirits.

When Osiris was killed, and his physical body torn to pieces, keep in mind that he already had an immortal inner body, which cannot die.  Isis was said to have gathered the torn pieces of his physical body and put them together.  That was not the case; because Osiris was an Elohim with an immortal inner body, and a spirit  then covered his inner body with another body, then there he goes again brand new, like nothing has happened. Moses was also Osiris in an Elohim type body, and upon so called death, he switched bodies to become Elijah. 

Angels pull this body switching tricks all the time, hence an angel in one minute may have the body of a Chinese man, then a few minutes later you will see the same angel in the body of an Indian, or any body he chooses. Osiris lived similarly and switched from body to body under many different names in different countries.  Below, I will list some of the popularly known prophets and philosophers who were the lives of Osiris.


Throughout the human race there are five people that have lived and known not to have died. They were : (SHIVA, RAMA CHANDRA, MITHRA, ELIJAH, PYTHAGORAS). These five men were all the lives of Osiris when he materialized on earth in a full Elohim type of body, for that reason he ascended into a heaven in what appeared to be a human body.

Once again I state that the ascended masters do not exist, because they were all the lives of one man, that of Osiris. It was from the life of Rama  Chandra that the story of the life of Jesus was written.

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