Sunday, July 6, 2014

UFO mysteries explained

Many have seen lights in the sky and in various places, whose sources are unknown and have been labeled as UFO sightings. Coincidently, many of these sightings point to objects that appear as lights moving through space. From a scientific point of view it seems impossible for an object which doesn't seem to fit into the general criterion of a space craft to hover and move at tremendous speed through space.

There is an explanation for this particular type of balls of light which, whose images have been captured landing on Mars as recent as June 23 2014. Those balls of lights are  indeed unknown flying objects, but they are not manned alien space craft, rather they are : SPIRIT DRIVEN BALLS OF LIGHTS.

These balls of lights do not contain a living being in them, but rather they are balls of lights that are propelled by a spirit.  Hence it can travel through space at various speed, hover in the air, zig zag in the air, and move around in ways that a mechanical object cannot do.

Rest assured that they are no alien manned space crafts, but simply balls of lights of various sizes propelled by spirits. Sometimes they can be seen floating on the surface of an ocean.  They are often seen landing in the waters of an ocean of West Africa, such as Ghana.  What you have seen as UFO balls of lights, are physical representations of the presence of a spirit.

By Ken Nunoo


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