Monday, July 7, 2014

BaGaPa (are American Negros Africans?)

There is much confusion about the Negro race in general, scattered in various islands such as in Haiti, Jamaica, Trinidad, Bahamas, America, and many other places. First and foremost on the table we are to note that a living being is a combination of MIND, BODY, and CONSCIOUSNESS (SOUL). From the various level of parts within an individual, one can determine what type of living being they are.

Let us first look at MIND as the collective storage area of all the persons experiences. Like the computer microprocessor that stores the data. The consciousness is the electrical power that runs through the computer, and Body is the machine itself. When analyzing a person as to who or what they are, all three parts of the individual must be taken into consideration in order to accurately determine what type of individual the person is.

Negros in general are referred to as Africans, but this  classification is not correct. A Jamaican is a Negro, but a Jamaican is not African. A Haitian is a Negro, but a Haitian is not a Jamaican, and is not an African. A black Americans as they are commonly referred to are Negros, but they are not Africans.

The comparison of people in general as done today have been based on the BODY, or machine component of the computer, neglecting the MIND, part of the individual.  A Jamaican, speaks distinctly different from a Haitian, who also speaks distinctly different from a Nigerian. These are all Negros, but their MINDS, which store their culture, habits, values, and way of life are totally different.

Going forward with this, a Nigerian is not  a Ghanaian, neither is a Haitian, Senegalese.  A Chinese and Japanese are both Orientals, but different in many ways at the level of their MINDS.

Hence we have to note that at the level of the Mind, even though a group of people may appear to be similar outwardly, they are different in many ways, and one must not refer to a Mexican as Cuban, neither is a Puerto Rican a Dominican even though they are Hispanics in general.

A Haitian is a Negro, with an Haitian Mind, a Jamaican is a Negro with a Jamaican Mind, a Nigerian is a Negro with a Nigerian Mind (mentality we call it), a Ghanaian is a Negro with a Ghanaian Mind package. All these Negros a different in many ways even though on the outside they appear to be similar.

An angel wears the physical body of a human being, but has TWO DISTINCT MINDS, compared to a human being that has ONE MIND.  Hence an angel wearing the body of a Chinese, may actually have the INNER MIND of a HEBREW, and hence speak both Chinese and Hebrew. An angel has two distinct minds, whereas a human being has a single mind. The differences at the level of mind of a human  being determine who they really are as compared to just their outer physical bodies which may seem to be similar.  A Pakistani and Indians are hence different at the level of their minds, even though many are similar outwardly. A German and Russian are both Caucasians, but have totally different forms of mindsets, and distinct languages even if they both speak Russian and German.

The level of mind of an individual is what determines who or what the person is, not just the outward physical body or language of the person. Black Americans, Jamaicans, Haitians, people from Bahamas, and many other black nation countries of the islands are Negros, but they are each distinctly different at the level of their minds. Black Americans are Negros, but they are not Africans with an African mentality at the level of their minds.

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