Friday, July 18, 2014

Do Ascended Masters exist?

The purpose of these articles is to untangle the cobwebs of humanity, that has lead to many false spiritual organizations that exist purposefully to make money.  The concept of ascended masters is from the idea that many of the religious founders of organizations ascended to heaven upon death, and that many can also achieve the same goal through certain practices.

Many of the so called ascended masters include such men as: Abraham, Moses, Joseph, Solomon, Jesus, Maitreya, Buddha, to name a few.   To begin with, the bases of ascended masters resulted from a chain of references made of ancient religious men in the doctrines of Jesus about Abraham in heaven.  

The concept of life after death begun long ago in Egypt from the days of Osiris, who was said to have been resurrected from the dead, by Isis who put the torn pieces of his body together.  Egyptian pharaohs who wanted to be recognized as gods,  had their bodies mummified with the believe that they will live in another world after death, and even servants were entombed in their graves to serve them in the hereafter.

The life after death notion hence started among the Egyptians, and adopted by the Jews who were slaves in Egypt for 400 years.  It became the general comforting idea that one’s ancestors upon death, will live in heaven.  Abraham as father of the Jews was popularly referred to be in heaven, just as Osiris was established to be the first god among the Egyptians. Osiris was declared to be the son of Ra, and was and is still worshipped in some sects in Egypt and elsewhere.

The idea of life after death was further extended in various religions and become the cornerstone of many spiritual teachings.  It is the main driving force of Christianity today, and the hope of many that upon death they will enter heaven. The basis of these believes are about 1 percent correct and 99 percent false.

Why is it one percent correct? The one percent correct answer goes back to Osiris and extends all the way through all those so called ascended masters, because almost all those people are the lives of one man that comes and goes from heaven to earth and not many different people. 

The men that are being referred to as ascended masters are all the lives of one man, beginning from Osiris. OSIRIS was the same person as: SHIVA, RAMA CHANDRA, GAUTAMA BUDDHA, ABRAHAM, JOSEPH, MOSES,  ELIJAH, DAVID, SOLOMON, SOCRATES, ARISTOTLE, PYTHAGORAS, MAITREYA, and many others. Hence neither  Abraham, nor Moses, nor Solomon, nor Buddha are in heaven, because they were all the lives of one man, known as ELOHIM BARAKATA, who goes between heaven and earth and from his lives almost all the religions of earth were formed.  Sorry to disappoint you Christians, but there is no Jesus in heaven, neither is there a Buaddha in heaven. Many of these prophets that you have known are all the lives of one man, that goes between heaven and earth. When he is on earth, he is not in heaven, and when in heaven, he is not on earth. Both Ezekiel, Elijah, Abraham, Moses and the rest were all the same person, using different bodies.  These religious wars that many nations have been fighting end up with a zero prize, it has all been for nothing.

One may ask, how is it possible for Osiris to come back as Abraham? I will answer this question in another article and explain the tricks of how that is done. Just to give you a clue,  I mentioned that Osiris was ELOHIM BARAKATA, that lived on earth like a human being. Note what I have emphasized, that the being who was presumably killed as Osiris was an ELOHIM, in the body of a human being. An ELOHIM, is an immortal being that can assume the form of any human being.  This is just the gist of it, I will further explain this concept of how Osiris became Abraham, Joseph, Solomon and others in another article.

All those so called dictations from ascended masters such as Saint Germain, Maitreya, Jesus, Mary and many others are false dictations originating from the mind of the person speaking.  From the books of some of these organizations that proclaim the existence of ascended masters, it is mentioned that Saint Germain is the re-incarnation of Abraham.  If this is a fact, then it is also true that if Saint Germain exists then Abraham no longer exists, because Saint Germain is the re-incarnation of Abraham, hence he is Abraham of today.

Going forward from this angle of re-incarnation, starting from Osiris, Shiva, Rama,  Mithra, Abraham, Buddha and the rest, you will notice that no two of these people lived in two different countries at the same time, but rather they appeared or were born at several years intervals.  The reason is, they were all the lives of one man, who can only exist in one place at a time. So once again, I emphasize that the ascended masters do not exist, because all those men were all the lives of one man (ELOHIM BARAKATA).

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