Friday, July 29, 2016

By What Name Should We Pray (Intelligence Elohim)

There are many religions past and present each advocating that their God or gods are powers, that can assist them in their prayers.  I will lay down the logical path why by the name INTELLIGENCE ELOHIM, human beings should pray.

Some of you by now have noticed that my last name is of an African root, and that my picture being that of a Negro automatically places me somewhere in the continent of Africa. But in spirituality, it is not the way words are spelled that generates their power, but rather it is the sound of the word.

The word ELOHIM, is a word found in the first line of the Tora, as : BERESHITH BARA ELOHIM.  Our universe has been around for at least five billion years, and going back billions of years ago, the spiritual beings that created our worlds, have all already been named for at least five billion years ago.  Hence, from this angle alone, you will deduce that words and names from our modern vocabulary do not exist as the names of any spirit, because the spirits were given names billions of years ago.

The Hebrew language is the most ancient language of humanity, that has been around for at least five billion years. Moses was not picked by accident.  The real reason is, all the spiritual powers that has been created have Hebrew names, and through Moses their names were passed on down to future generations. 

In any form of spiritual practice that seem to have a real spiritual power behind it, the name of the power or god they call, is a Hebrew word, even though they do not know it.  Once again I will explain that: SPIRITUAL NAMES DO NOT HAVE MEANING, BUT RATHER IT IS THEIR EXACT SOUND THAT HAS POWER.

The word ELOHIM has been around for at least five billion years, much longer than the name YAHWEH, OR JEHOVAH.  Elohim is spelled ALEPH, LAMED, HE, YOD, MEM. Five letters, five fingers.  Elohim is the collective powers of all the intelligence combined as one.   To simpliy what I have just explained: ELOHIM IS A SINGLE FORCE, THAT IS THE COMBINATION OF ALL THE FORCES.  ELOHIM IS THE SUM TOTAL OF ALL THE POWERS OF EARTH.  ALL THE POWERS OF EARTH THAT EXIST INDIVIDUALLY EXIST IN ELOHIM.  ELOHIM IS THE WHITE SALT OF THE SEA, THAT DISOLVES ANYTHING THAT GOES INTO THE OCEAN.

Example, the most popular spirit of the Africans is AYI (ARIELIS, also known as AKONODE).  But the original root of the name of this spirit is Hebrew which is AYI.  AYIN IS THE SIXTENTH LETTER OF THE HEBREW ALPHBET.  This name is found as a word in the household of many native doctors in Africa.  Example, The Nunoo family name their first born AYI-TE, the Nunoo family of Ghana is a strong spiritual family tree connected to the spirit AYI.  If you listen to the words spoken by some native doctors of Ghana, that seem to have the ability to perform miracles. IN THE WORDS OF POWER THEY SPEAK, YOU WILL OFTEN HERE A WORD THAT HAS THE ROOT SOUND OF AYI.  EXAMPLES, AYI TE, or AYI ZA, etc.

Another example, my name is KEN NUNOO. At first glance it looks straight forward as English and African.  Here is the trick in the name, the sound of the letters KEN, is the same sound as the Hebrew word YES.  The last name NUNOO is actually NUN-OO, the root of the word NUN is the 14h letter of the Hebrew Alphabets which is Nun, meaning FISH.  Coincidentally, my grandfathers were fishermen, and the root of their name was also the word fish in Hebrew.  The Ghanaians pronounce this word incorrectly.  The corrects sound of NUN-OO is like the sound NAN. so it become NAN- OO, not NOO-NOO, but rather NAN-OO.  The root word NUN IS A POWER WITHIN ELOHIM.

Another example, among the seven African gods, they have YAMEYA,, as one of the seven African gods.. YAMEYA, is actually YAH ME YAH.  Africans commonly have the word YAH, OR YAA, connected as the root of their names. This sound actually connects to the Hebrew God YAH, as in YAH-WEH.  One of the names used the past in prayers was RA, sun god of the Egyptians.  That word is the second word in the Torah: BERESHITH BA RA ELOHIM.  The word Ra, is from Bara.

The word GOD has no power, because it is not the sound of the name of a spirit.  For a word to have power its sound is often connected to the name of a spirit in Hebrew.

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