Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Mysteries of the Rose Flower (Leprosy, Hansen’s disease)

Leprosy, also known as Hansen’s disease is a long term disease that affects the skin and eyes of the person.  It causes the fingers and toes to be shorter than normal.  The person’s skin looks like boils all over.  So one may wonder what the connection between a rose that smells so sweet, to an extreme opposite disease such as leprosy.

IF A HUMAN BEING BOILS THE LEAVES OF ANY ROSE FLOWER, AND EATS IT, THAT PERSON WILL DEVELOP LEPROSY IN THIS LIFETIME AND IN ALL THEIR FUTURE LIVES.  The leaves of the rose flower are the skin of the rose.  The leaves of the rose flower has no effect on human beings or on any creature if a person or creature eats it.  However, if a person boils its leaves and eats it, there is an intelligent virus in its leaves, that creates the sensation of being boiled in the skin of the person, which results in what we call leprosy.

The intelligence virus within the leaves of the rose, causes the person to feel the sensation of being boiled alive, because the leaves which are the skin of the rose was boiled.  So in effect the person will end up with a skin, that looks like they have been boiled. The green leaves of a rose are not the kind we can make soup out of.  If the leprosy is not cured in one life, it will re-occur in the future lives of the person unexpectedly.

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