Monday, July 11, 2016

Mysteries of the Cat (Varicose Veins)

Varicose veins are veins that have become enlarged and twisted.  Varicose veins often occurs around the legs of most people, and occasionally appears in other parts of the body.  If Varicose veins are caused by some physical actions of a person then millions of people would have them. If it is caused from straining the legs then it would have been common, yet only certain people have varicose veins.  So what is the real mystery of these veins popping out of the legs?

You may have heard of the story that, no matter how you throw a cat it always lands on its feet.  A cat hardly falls on its back, but somehow always manages to land on its feet.  Cats have legs that enable them to leap to catch its prey. 

VARICOSE VEINS ARE CAUSED FROM THE URINE OF A CAT.  IF A HUMAN BEING THAT IS AT LEAST ELEVEN YEARS OLD, INHALES THE URINE OF A CAT FOR AT LEAST TEN MINUTES, THAT PERSON WILL DEVELOP VARICOSE VEINS.  But if the person is a child that is less than eleven years old, if they inhale the urine of the cat, it would have no effect on them.

The cat is a domestic pet, commonly found in many homes.  If they were to take a statistics of people that have varicose veins, it will be noticed that almost all of them at some point had a cat as a pet.  Most people know that the urine of a cat has an exceptionally strong smell, that is stronger than that of almost every animal.  Varicose veins are a virus in the urine of the cat, if inhaled for at least 10 minutes will cause the veins of a human being to enlarge.

It is recommended that if a person that is over eleven years old, and inhales the urine of a cat for more than 10 minutes, they must drink a glass of milk to dilute the toxin in their body.

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