Friday, July 1, 2016

Mysteries of death by blows (Parkinson’s Disease)

Parkinson’s disease is diagnosed as a progressive disorder of the central nervous system,  resulting in continuous shaking of the hands and parts of the body.  It affects the movements of the person, often resulting in the eventual death of the person.  So what is the real source and cause of this disease.

The source of this illness is not from any virus, or ill health of the person but rather from: DEATH BY BLOWS, the person inflicted on someone when they were younger in this life or in a previous life.  IF A PERSON BEATS ANOTHER PERSON TO DEATH, THEY WILL MOST CERTAINLY GET PARKINSON DISEASE IN THIS LIFE OR IN THE NEXT IMMEDIATE LIFE.

When a person is beaten to death, the intelligence of that person enters the body of the person that beat them up, and lives their life through that person.   The Parkinson effect a person experiences is the damages that was done to the person’s organs, that resulted in their eventual death.

Example, if a young boxer beats someone to death in a boxing match, that boxer will most certainly get Parkinson’s disease in their later years. Because the intelligence of the person they beat to death is living inside their body.  In general if a person beats another person to death, for whatever the reasons may be, the intelligence of the dead person takes over the body of the person that beat them up.  If the person that beat them up dies by another reason, they then suffer from the Parkinson’s disease in their next life.

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