Thursday, July 7, 2016

Mysteries of the Ant (Autism)

Autism is a common illness that affects children under three years old. In this condition the child acts partially retarded, with speech impediments, lack of the ability to properly coordinate their movements.  Parents notice the signs of Autism in their children around the age of three years, but in reality the child was born with, and affected by it while in the womb of the mother.

IF A WOMAN IS PREGNANT AND IS BITTEN BY AN ANT, HER CHILD WILL BE BORN WITH AUTISM.  The ant that causes autism is the common black ants that are seen every day in almost every household, bushes, and in the grass.  These ants have no effect in people in general, but only affects a child in the womb of a woman.

Pregnant women in the parks and gardens can easily be bitten by ants.  It is recommended that if a woman is pregnant and sits on the grass, she should sit on a blanket to avoid contacts with any ants. 

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