Thursday, July 7, 2016

Mysteries of death by drowning (Multiple Sclerosis)

Multiple Sclerosis is described as a disease that eats away the covering of the nerves and brain tissue.  This results in various impairments of the body, and often the person dies from it.  So what is the mysterious source of this disease that doctors have no clue of its origin?

IF A PERSON HAS MULITIPLE SCLEROSIS IN THIS LIFE, IT MEANS THE PERSON DIED FROM DROWNING IN THEIR PREVIOUS.  Multiple sclerosis is not caused by any virus or illness from the person’s environment or present life, but rather it is a disease of the re-incarnating intelligence as a result of having drowned in the person’s past life.

If a person has Multiple sclerosis at the age of 25 years, it means the person died from drowing at the 25 years in their previous life.  If person has Multiple Sclerosis at the age of 40 years, it means the person died from drowning at the age of 40 years.

The human body has three main body types: (INTELLIGENCE, CONSCIOUSNESS  PHYSICAL BODY).  In the intelligence is stored your skills, including a history of children you had in this life.  Your Consciousness allows you to experience things through the five senses of: SIGHT, TOUCH, TASTE, HEARING, SMELL.  The physical body is the vehicle through which both the Intelligence and Consciousness express themselves.  At the time of death, your consciousness is like gas that evaporates into the air, but the intelligence is immortal, and it automatically enters the body of another child that is between eleven and twelve years, integrating itself with the intelligence of the child, and makes use of the new body and consciousness of the child.

I will refer to the child intelligence as the HOST INTELLIGENCE, and the intelligence of the person that died as the RE-INCARNATING INTELLIGENCE.  If a person does not find a cure for their multiple sclerosis in this life, it will keep re-occurring in their next life, continuously at the same age, until they are able to get a cure for it.

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