Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Mysteries of the Planet Venus (Grains of Glass)

Venus is the second planet of our solar system, it is said to be the hottest and brightest of the planets.  Venus is said to be approximately the same size as planet earth.  What is the hidden mysteries of Venus, that has not yet been uncovered?

Venus even though it is considered to be a planet by scientists is not a planet by my standard of definition of planets.  Earth is a planet, and when we speak of planets a human being immediately thinks of a place like earth, plants, animals etc.  Therefore, not to raise high hopes of the people of earth, I reclassify these so called planets as: BODIESI OF WHAT THEY ARE MADE OF.

VENUS IS A BODY OF GRAINS OF GLASS MIXED WITH SAND.  For this reason it reflects more light than all the other planets within our solar system.  There are no life forms of any kind on Venus, and no organic life from bacteria to human beings can survive on it.   The entire planet of Venus is literally glass sand, and as we know we have similar sand on earth that can be heated up to form glass. 

The rocks on Venus are copper covered with sand.  The glass nature of the sand of Venus enables the planet to withstand its extremely high temperatures.  It has been established that even though Mercury is closer to the sun than Venus, the temperatures on Venus are much higher.

As I go through articles about the mysteries of the planets of our solar system, you will start to notice a pattern that the so called planets are actually : LARGE BODIES OF METALS, AND NOT HABITABLE PLANETS.

So far I have explained that there are: SUNS WHOSE INNER CORE IS DIAMOND.  THERE ARE STARS THAT ARE PURE LIGHT, WHOSE INNER CORE IS HYDROGEN.  MERCIURY IS GRAINS OF IRON, WITH ROCKS OF GOLD.  VENUS IS GRAINS OF GLASS WITH ROCKS OF COPPER. The temperatures of the bodies of these planets are extremely above the levels for organic life to survive on them.

The human body and organic life from earth cannot survive on any planet out there excerpt earth.  There is only one earth designed for human beings.  A human being that evolves to become an angel, acquires an angelic body that can live on earth, the moons, and heaven planets, and be transported across the galaxies through the stars of light like space ships.  There are more stars in the sky than the entire population of earth.  When a person becomes an angel, they become immortal, immune to all disease, the wear the bodies of human beings, eat and drink all they want and choose to appear like any age they want.

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