Monday, January 12, 2015

Are animal sacrifices necessary in rituals (The Saint)

What role do animal sacrifices play in rituals, and are they necessary at all?  When one visits a traditional medicine man, they are often requested to sacrifice a hen, or a goat, or deliver the body organs of a human being.  Are these bloody sacrifices a necessary part of the ritual?

The animals offered to the traditional medicine men in rituals that are often called JUJU, or Voodoo play two important roles in the rituals, but at the same time they are not necessary, but they are the only ways those medicine men know how to perform their rituals.

In the ancient times, animals such as goat, cow, sheep, hen and birds of various sizes were the methods of making a payment for a service or an item.  Living creatures were and have been most valuable including human life and those of animals that we eat.

A wealthy person in a village is one with many sheep, many useful animals such as horses, hen,  birds, many children, and large acres of land.  These basic items of land and animals for food as well as children are most cherished in many villages even today.  The traditional medicine men were valued as native doctors of their village, and hence they were paid for their services with animals of various kinds.

The more complicated an illness or requests imposed upon the traditional medicine men, they in turn demand high payments in terms of more costly animals.  If you observe the lifestyle of a native doctor, they do not live in fancy homes, neither do they acquire things of modern electronic goods.. They rather prefer a farm to grow crops, and various animals that will reproduce and multiply abundantly to be used as meat for food.  Money, gold, and silver were of little value to them, excerpt that they were considered as merely bodily adornments.  Food has always been considered to be the most cherished commodity to the ancients.

So the animals the native doctors demand  play two important roles and one of them is   live creature in place of money.  The native doctor would rather have a hen to cook to eat with his family than to be given a gold Rolex watch to wear.

The second role has to do the with the blood of the creature, and this role is not clearly understood by even the native doctors, excerpt that they know they are required to sacrifice the animal and spill its blood.

Now I will explain to you the role of the blood in those rituals.  I have explained in earlier articles that there are seven plains in existence everywhere and that human beings dwell on the seventh plain, and the spirits dwell on the first, second and third plains.  In the blood of living creatures is the LIFE ESSENCE(CONSCIOUSNESS), which is a force that dwells on the 4th plain. A smart person would have figured out the logic of the role of the blood from what I have just explained.  Once again I will re-iterate, that in the blood of living creature is the consciousness of that creature that dwells on the 4th plain.

The spirits have no mouth, do not eat, do not drink, so why all these bloody sacrifices?  To explain the role of the blood, is to bring your attention to what I have mentioned in previous articles that the only means a human being can communicate with a spirit is through an object that has within it the energy of a saint, such as the Angelic Spiritual oil, or a charged Angelic Seal.

When the traditional medicine men spills the blood on the shrine it temporarily charges the shrine objects with CONSCIOUSNESS, which is similar to the energy of a saint, and hence it allows the spirits to hear anyone that touches any object on the shrine that is covered by blood.  The blood temporarily becomes a doorway that allows the spirits to hear the traditional medicine men, as well as his clients requests.  THE ANGELIC SPIRITUL OIL, replaces the blood sacrifices.

The Traditional medicine men are not scientists, neither are they Kabbalists and simply perform their rituals according to the way they were taught without actually knowing the role of the blood in their rituals.  The spirits have no use for the blood, but it is also one of the means by which a human being who does not have a saint can communicate with a spirit.  The Saint oil, can be used as a substitute replacement for the bloody sacrifices.

Note; None of the oils purchased in stores is a saint oil or the Angelic Spiritual oil, neither can traditional medicine men create a saint oil. The Spirit that can create a Saint oil is not available to human beings, hence the Saint oil that I have created is the only one of its kind.  The spirits of the human race cannot create a Saint oil, hence it has never existed. So blood sacrifices have always been used in its place.

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