Friday, January 9, 2015

Techniques of effective Prayer (The Elohim)

Prayers are petitions made by a person to a deity to assist the person in some way. The requests often require the deity to intervene on the person’s behalf in regarding something material, health, love, banish negative forces, etc.

 The Elohim are the invisible spirits that created mankind, the planets, and everything we see around us in nature.  There are seven plains in existence, human beings dwell on the seventh,  and Elohim Spirits dwell on the first, second and third plains, and angels dwell on the 6th plains, Saints dwell on the 5th plain.

Prayer itself is a form of communication, and as such certain basic items have to be in place for your message to reach the spirits who are on the 3rd plain.  Note that a spirit has no ears, has no mouth, does not speak by voice, but rather spirits hear by THOUGHT, and communicate by Thought.

The distance from the 7th plain to the 6th plain is INFINITE DISTANCE, even much further than the distance from earth to a star trillions of light years away. No physical object that is on earth can penetrate the 6th plain.  Likewise, all the plains are such that there is no object from one plain that can enter another plain.

So if the spirits are on the 3rd plain, how do we pray for them to hear.  The HANDS of a human beings play an important role during prayers in transmitting messages to a spirit . There are FIVE FINGERS on the hand, and each of these are linked  to the first five plains.  The little finger is linked to the first plain of spirits, the ring finger is linked to the second plain of spirits, the middle long finger is linked to the third plain of spirits, the index finger is linked to 4th plain and the thumb is linked to 5th plain of SAINTS, the palm of the hand is linked to the 6th plain of angels.

The 5th plain, which is the world of the Saints, connected to the thumb plays a critical role in transmitting messages to the first, second, and third plains of the spirits.  Hence for prayers to take effect and object that is charged with the ENERGY OF A SAINT (such as Saint Oil, or an object such as Angelic Seal that is charged with the energy of a Saint) has to be in  one or both hands of the person praying.

The object that is charged with the energy of  a Saint can be any object as long as it is charged with the energy of a Saint. It can be a glass of water, a book(holy book, bible, Torah), crucifix, angelic seal. It can literally be anything, as long as it is charged with the energy of a saint, it can be used as a communicating device to transmit your prayer to the Elohim Spirits.

There are no holy objects on earth that are already charged with the energy of a Saint, for it is ONLY A SPIRIT THAT CAN CHARGE AN OBJECT WITH THE ENERGY OF A SAINT, but a person must already have an object that contains the energy of a saint in the first plaice to communicate with the spirits. Here is the CATCH 22.

An object containing the energy of a saint cannot be obtained from any religious organizations, excerpt from a traditional medicine man or woman from either AFRICA, INDIA, or ISRAEL (ADVANCED KABBALIST).  The three Elohim Spirits  (YAHWEH, RA, ARIELIS) of the races are connected to those three areas of spiritual men and women.

Some churches seem to have pastors that from time to time are able to pray effectively.  Almost all those pastors at some time consulted a traditional medicine man or woman  from either Africa or India, to obtain an object containing the energy of a saint that they have on them somewhere.

I will re-iterate again that no prayers can reach your deity without an object containing the energy of a saint on you.

The second requirement of prayer is the name of the spirit you are praying to. Do not simply say God, for the Elohim do not respond to the word God, since the human God is a man.

In summary two critical things have to be in place for a prayer to be effective. 1. AN OBJECT CONTAING THE ENEGY OF A SAINT.  2. THE NAME OF A SPIRIT.  Call the name of a spirit into any object that has the energy of saint, and your prayers will be heard loud and clear, as if you are talking on the telephone directly to your diety.

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