Thursday, January 29, 2015

How to spiritually detect if a person has HIV Virus (Angelic Spiritual oil)

HIV by definition is: Human immunodeficiency virus that causes AIDS (acquired immunodeficiency syndrome).  This condition within a human beings breaks down certain blood cells within the human blood stream, especially the T-Cells, causing the person to be vulnerable to cancer and other diseases rapidly.  It is estimated that if a person acquires the HIV virus without proper treatment the lifespan of the person may not exceed 11 years.

The number of people acquiring the HIV virus is spreading world wide at an alarming rate. It is estimated that more the 1.2 million people in United States have HIV.  The statistics are even more alarming in African and Hispanic nations, with an estimate of 22.5 million people affected in Africa alone by 2011.

HIV is often acquired through contact with the blood of a person infected, and most often through unprotected sex with someone that has HIV.  But what if there is a way of knowing if the person you are dating, or sex partner has HIV, without asking for the health certificate of the person.

I have recently discovered that any object that is charged with the energy of a saint, such as the ANGELIC SPIRITUAL OIL, can detect the presence of the HIV virus in a person.   Here is how it works:  By rubbing any object with a few drops of the Angelic Spiritual oil,  which can even be the face, hands, bracelet,  necklace or any simple thing a person is wearing or carrying, that item will temporarily be charged with the energy of saint, that is within the Angelic Spiritual oil, also known as the Barakata oil.

Example, if a few drops of the Angelic Spiritual oil, is rubbed on  bracelet you are wearing, and you encounter someone that has an HIV virus and the person looks at the bracelet for a few seconds, THE EYES OF THAT PERSON WILL START BLINKING RAPIDLY MORE THAN NORMAL.   The person will not feel any pains in their eyes, excerpt that their eyes will START BLINKING FASTER THAN NORMAL UNCONTROLLABLY.

The reason why it does so is,  an object charged with the energy of a saint, transmits an INVISIBLE LIGHT, at the speed of THOUGHT, that penetrates all physical barriers, and even into the blood stream, and cells of the blood.  A person with HIV, has weak blood cells, and the saint energy agitates their blood cells, causing a faster than normal blinking of their eyes.

The Angelic Spiritual oil, can be rubbed on any object, that may come into the view of people around you.  If the eyes of a person, looking at the object that you know is covered with the angelic spiritual oil, starts blinking at a study rapid pace more than normal, then it means that person has the HIV virus. Prevention is better than cure, and to be forewarned is to forearmed.

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