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Who was and is Jesus (John)

The greatest story that has ever been told in the bible, is that of the life of Jesus.  The story from birth, through his miracles and death are so emotionally deep, and as such makes a strong impact on the mind of anyone that reads the gospel.

What I am about to explain to you is not something that I have always known, excerpt that I know for a fact that there is no one in heaven by the name Jesus, and always suspected that the character was fictional since the actual person is no where in heaven. It was only a few days ago, when I wrote the article on the WORD, that by substituting the WORD, for Elohim, and Elohim as Spirit that the true character of who Jesus was emerged.

I then confirmed my suspicion of the true identity of Jesus with the Spirit, and I was told my analysis is correct.  The John 1:1 which reads: In the Beginning was the WORD, and the Word was with God and the Word was God.

This actually translates into : In the beginning was the Elohim, and the Elohim was with God, and the Elohim was God.  John further continued that the word become flesh.  This means the Elohim became flesh.   In all these text the WORD, is the ELOHIM, and the ELOHIM is the SPIRIT.

Here is where I caught the linking identity, because I know that there is only one being that exists that has a personal Spirit, the rest of humanity share a common spirit.  The only person that has and had a personal spirit was the same one you knew as Moses, Elijah, Osiris, Mithra, Vishnu.

I will now try to explain to you in simple language as possible who Jesus really was and is.  The author of the books of New Testament from Mathew, Mark, Luke, John, including the books of the Corinthians , associated with Paul, all the way to the last book known as Revelations is one and same author, namely JOHN.

I will tie in your missing puzzles for you, going back to the prediction of ISAIAH, who said a son of God will be born.  Isaiah is the mystery man behind all these , for ISAIH DID NOT DIE. ISAIH BECME JOHN OF THE NEW TESTAMENT.  JOHN, WHO WAS KNOWN AS THE BROTHER OF JESUS, WAS JESUS.

I verified who Isaiah was through the Spirit and was informed he did not die.  Isaiah prophesied the birth of the Son of God as himself.  Isaiah was not a human being, he was the living ancient living Elohim as a man who was OSIRIS, VISHNU, SHIVA, MOSES.  Note that Lucifer was first mentioned by Isaiah, and further expanded upon in the book of Revelation.  Isaiah as Theophilus wrote the book of Revelations.

Isaiah did not die, but took on another body as John, the mystery brother of Jesus.  It was known through the biblical text that John was the brother of Jesus, but one may ask, when did Mary give birth to John.  JESUS WAS A CHARACTER PLAYED BY JOHN, WHO ALSO WROTE ALL THE BOOKS OF THE NEW TESTAMENT. The miracles of Jesus were actually performed by John, who disguised himself as YESHUA.

The letters of Paul to the Romans, Corinthians were all written by John, including the book of revelation disguised under name Theophilus.  Jesus however did not die, because John did not die, and resurfaced as Theophilus.  There  was no revelation given by Jesus to John, because both JOHN and JESUS were one and the same person.

The Romans have no account of a trial by Pontius Pilate, sentencing Jesus to death, John made up that part of the story as an exit strategy for the Jesus character.


In summary, the words of Jesus were actually the words of John, and John was the author of all the books of the New Testament. John is the founder of the church, for Jesus and John, and Paul were both one and the same person.  JESUS was a double character played by JOHN, author of the book of John.  Those words in the book of John, pertaining to the WORD becoming flesh was referring to himself.

Isaiah was an immortal man, with an angelic type body, that is capable of changing himself into different bodies. Hence, he took on the body of John, and created the fictional character of Jesus, and the story that he told were partially those of his life. JOHN, the brother of JESUS, was JESUS.  It was ISAIAH, that resurfaced as JOHN, lived the double life as JESUS., All the books of the New Testament were written by John, who was also Isaiah, who was Jesus. Osiris, was the same man as Isaiah, who became John, with the double character as Jesus.

In those gospels, It was Isaiah that played the roles of Joseph, husband to Mary, John as brother to Jesus, angel Gabriel that met with Zachariah, as well as the main character Jesus.  Isaiah was also then one that played the role of Paul, and wrote the letters to the Romans, Corinthians, that became known as the books of Paul.

Throughout the gospels, you will  notice that there is a death scene for the each of the apostles, including Paul.  But there is no record of the death of John. The number of years that transpired from that of the life of Jesus to the writing of the book of revelations exceeded the lifespan of a human being, yet John lived throughout.  The reason as stated, John was Isaiah who was an immortal being with an angelic type body. Hence, he did not die during that era, and transformed himself from Isaiah, to become Joseph, John, Jesus, and angel Gabriel.  He further went on to dictate the Koran to Mohammed under as Gabriel.

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