Thursday, January 22, 2015

Baracata method of cowry divination


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The Baracata method of cowry divination is a means of communicating with angels and other spiritual beings using four cowrie shells placed and rotated in the palm of your hand. I personally use this tool as a learning and communications tool to ask all kinds of questions to spiritual beings. In the human hand the thumb of a human being is connected to the Elohim, the index finger is connected to the soul and to the subconscious mind of the person, and the ring finger is connected to the guardian angel of the person. The cowrie shells hence when placed in the hand acts like a mobile phone and give one the ability to communicate with angels anywhere they are, just like talking on a cellular phone while walking or riding the train or bus anywhere. This method when further improved can be used to communicate with all human beings on earth as well as spirits in heaven. I have been using this tool to maintain a dialogue and conversation with many angels out there daily.

Note before using this method or any method of divination, first rub your palm with a few drops of the Angelic Spiritual oil, also known as the Saint oil, Barakata oil. This will then first cover the shells with an energy of Saint, that creates a doorway to communicate with the angels and spirits. This Barakata oil is a basic essential used in spiritualizing an object.

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