Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Who dictated the Koran to Mohammad (Gabriel or Isaiah)

The story of the birth, life, and death of Jesus was well narrated in the gospel of Mathew, Mark, Luke and John.  One may ask the question; how did the author know of the birth and intricate details of the life of Jesus?  Was the author present everywhere Jesus went?  Some said it was a holy spirit that dictated the story to the author.

In a previous article titled “WHO WAS JESUS?. I explained that JESUS WAS JOHN, that played the double role of both author and the character.  Since Jesus was John, the story he was telling was that of his own life and hence knew every intricate detail of all the events.

The camouflage goes deeper than that, for the angel of the Lord that appeared to the three wise men, was also John.  You will notice the use of the angel of the Lord, going back in the days of Isaiah, who coined the phrase : THUS SAID THE LORD.   This trick was first started by Isaiah, for the angel of Lord that Isaiah was referring to was Isaiah himself.

Isaiah was not a human being. Isaiah was an immortal being with an angelic type body that is capable of shape shifting to appear in different bodies.  The story is told that Mary had a husband Joseph.  Here is also the trick; for JOSEPH WAS THE SAME PERSON WHO WAS JOHN, AND HE WAS ALSO THE SAME PERSON WHO WAS THE CHILD JESUS.  An angel materialized as a human being can instantly change their age from a child to an adult in a matter of seconds, then back to a child or any age they want.

The team who was originally Osiris and Isis, were the same team who was Joseph and Mary.  Isis was an angel materialized as a human being, and it is the same female who also played the role of Mary.   That same team combination was also Abraham and Sarah.  Sarah was the same female angel materialized as a human being, who was also Isis, and later also showed up as Mary. Now the account is further given that the angel Gabriel appeared to Zachariah.  THE ANGEL GABRIEL IN THE BIBLE, WAS JESUS, WHO WAS ALSO JOHN, WHO WAS ALSO JOSEPH.

So from this perspective it was Isaiah who prophesied the birth of the son of God, and showed up in the body as both Joseph, angel Gabriel, and John.  If we track down the movements of Paul, it will be noticed that the book of Revelations surfaced in the area where Paul went to.  The Paul that was the scribe was also JESUS, that changed into a different body.

It was stated in the New Testament that when the tomb of Jesus was visited an angel told them, he was not in the tomb and has risen.  That angel, was also Jesus.

Going forward, it is well known that it was the angel Gabriel that dictated the Koran to Mohammed.  That angel Gabriel, was the same Isaiah, who became Jesus in the New Testament.  Hence Koran was actually dictated by Isaiah, pretending to be Gabriel.  Isaiah was not just pretending to be an angel, for he was truly an angel materialized as a human being.  Isaiah, who was Jesus, appeared to Mohammed on the mountain in the flesh and dictated the stories of the Koran to Mohammed.

In summary, practically all the major religions of earth were masterminded by one person.  The main character from Genesis to Revelation is the same one man.  This same one man was also Gautama Buddha, founder of Buddhism, who was also Rama,  Vishnu, and Shiva.  Hence many scholars have noticed the similarities of the life of Osiris, and Mithra to be similar to that of Jesus.  The reason is, they were all one and the same person.

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