Thursday, January 15, 2015

Is the Spirit of Voodoo the same as the spirit of the church (The Sword)

Is there a holy spirit that is unique to the church, that banishes evil spirits? Is there a holy ghost, the ghost of Jesus that battles demons to destroy them?  In a previous article, I explained that there is no such being as Lucifer, but rather it is some human beings that are evil to one another and  that the term Lucifer was coined by Isaiah in reference to the King of Babylon.

The church is an organization that was founded on the morale principles of our society.  The church aims to represent the good side of a human being, the good ethics and moral values that uphold our society. In fact without the church the earth would have been in more chaos than it is today.

Lucifer, although an illusion has become a reality, hence the holy ghost theory of the church has also become a reality.  A being that stands for justice, that combats evil deeds of humanity, has acquired a power of its own, doing battle with the evil works of the Lucifer (the bad ones of our society).

The church has forged ahead to become our societies backbone, where many turn to for justice through their prayers.  But is there truly a Holy Spirit that fights against evil forces that a person believes is persecuting them?

Getting straight to the point, there is no Holy Ghost, or Holy Spirit of the Church however there are spirits of the human race.  Churches and religion were formed less than three thousand years ago, however human beings have been on earth for almost five billion years.   Spirits were assigned to the two races of Caucasians and the people of Color.  There is a third spirit which acts as the overseer of both the Caucasians and the people of color.

The spirit assigned to the Caucasians is YAHWEH, the spirit assigned to the people of color is AYI (commonly known as ARIELIS).  Their colors are Red for Yahweh and Black for Arielis.  The third spirit is RA, who acts as the neutralizer and has commonly become associated with the Indians, but was originally assigned to Osiris, who became Vishnu, Shiva, Moses, Elijah, and many others.

As stated before, there are no spirits of any particular religion however there are spirits of the human race.  Hence, regardless of what religion a person belongs to, if your prayers are answered, if the person is Caucasian it is Yahweh that responds, if the person praying is a person of color, it is Arielis that answers.

From the summary of what I have explained, the spirit of the church is the same as the spirit of every religion, including voodoo, for the spirits respond according to the race of the person, not their religious believes.  Hence if a person of color consults a voodoo priest it is Arielis that responds, and if a Caucasian consults a voodoo priest, it is Yahweh that responds.

The role of the spirit is like that of a SWORD, and its use determines who wins the battle.  Hence whether the person praying is a Pastor, or a native doctor, or an individual,the results they get and their ability to overcome the other depends on their skill of prayers in using their sword(spirit).

The neutralizer is Spirit RA, that joins forces with the good side to overcome the bad ones.   Here is a classic example; person A casts a voodoo spell on person B.  The voodoo spell took effect on person B, and remains in effect as long as person B, has not found a way to remove it.  Person A in this case used their sword to cut person B, but since person B, does  not know how to fight back, he or she is damaged.

However, if person B, discovers that a voodoo spell has been cast upon him or her and consulted someone who also knows how to use their sword, if person B, was innocent, spirit RA will then neutralize the spell, which will backfire on person A, possibly killing person A. But if person B, was wrong then the spell will remain in effect.

In simple terms, it is not a holy ghost or holy spirit that takes sides with the church, but rather it is the spirits of the human race that acts on behalf of a person, and also acts against the same person when the person is wrong. An innocent person can be cut by a sword, as well as an evil person can be cut by the same sword. Hence spirits are available to human beings in general, regardless of whether they belong to a religion, or not.  Spiritual knowledge and skills better equips one with prayer skills and techniques to better use their swords of spirits to demolish those that wrong them.

The basic tools of communicating with  a spirit are objects held in the hand that is charged with the energy of a saint such as the saint oil, or an angelic seal that is charged.  Your demons are often human beings that are close to you, that secretly cast spells on you. A spirit is like a sword that doesn't ask who is right or wrong.

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