Friday, January 16, 2015

How does a spirit determine the color of your race (The Elohim)

In a previous article, I have stated that the entire human race are organized into two colors, that come under two main spirits: The two main spirits of the human race are SPIRIT YAHWEH, whose color is Red, for the Caucasians, who are sometimes referred to as Whites,  and SPIRIT AYI, commonly known as ARIELIS, whose color is Black for the people of color.

The spirits determine the race of a human being from the COLOR OF YOUR EYES.   It is not by the color of your complexion, neither is it by the color of your hair, neither is it by where you are born, that determines your race, but rather it is by the COLOR OF YOUR EYES, regardless of your skin color that determines whether you are Caucasian (White), or a person of color (Black).

From a spirit point of view, if the color of your eyes are either GRAY, BROWN, or BLACK, you are person of color and come under the spirit AYI.  This is where it is completely deferent from how human beings determine a person’s race, since we generally look at the skin complexion of the person.  You will notice that many people of fair complexion such as Italians and many Europeans have either Brown or Gray Iris,; all these are considered people of color by the spirits.

If the color of the eyes of the person is either Blue, Green or any color other than Gray, Brown, or Black that person is Caucasian(White), and it is the Spirit Yahweh that responds to their prayers.

There is only one excerption to this rule, with regards to the Jews.  All Hebrews regardless of their eye color are all classified under the category of Caucasians and it is only Yahweh that responds to them.  What I have explained to you is a spiritual tactic that is used in neutralizing an opposing force.   It requires a SOLID RED (CAUCASIAN) to neutralize a person of color,   and it requires a person that is a SOLID (BLACK) to neutralize a Caucasian.

What I mean by a Solid Red is, the person has to be 100 percent Caucasian, which is either a Hebrew, or a 100 percent Caucasian with Blue eyes and Blond hair, to neutralize a person of color.  If you look at the present population of the human race, the people of color far outnumber the true Caucasians. Furthermore, apart from the Jews, the remaining Caucasians do not know much about spirituality.

Likewise, a Solid Black is someone like a Ghanaian, true black from head to toe, with nothing in common with the color of a Caucasian.  A true Caucasian with blonde hair and blue eyes have nothing by color in common with a typical Negro, and when the two forces meet, no one wins.  A black can only defeat a black, and a Jew or true Caucasian can only spiritually defeat a Caucasian.  What I have explained to you simply means, a Caucasian cannot pray for a person of color to solve a spiritual problem, and a Negro cannot pray for a Caucasian to heal or solve a spiritual problem. The two have separate forces that do not respond to the opposing color. It is also basically means, a Caucasian Pastor cannot solve the spiritual problems of a Negro, and a Negro Pastor cannot solve the spiritual problems of a Caucasian.

When a true Caucasian is spiritually challenged by a true Negro, no one wins, because neither Yahweh for the Caucasian nor Ayi (Arielis), for the Negro responds. It also means a Negro cannot cast a spell on a Caucasian, and a caucasian cannot cast spell on a person of color. Only a person of color can cast a spell on a person of color, and only a caucasian can cast a spell on a caucasian. It is only Spirit RA, (the neutralizer) that can overcome either a person of color or a Caucasian.

The race color of a person plays a vital role in all spiritual works.  Example, if a person of color is praying or doing something of a spiritual nature and a caucasian is standing, sitting, kneeling or facing the person of color, the prayers of the person of color will not be answered by anyone. The same rule applies vice versa.  

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